Top 6 Social Media Tools According to NetBaseQuid

As technology advances and trends change, social media tools also continue being more sophisticated and powerful. If you are still unsure of the social tools that should make your top list for use in marketing your brand, NetbaseQuid recently released an updated list of social media analytics and management tools worth their salt. Below is a comprehensive list of social media tools that you should consider for your marketing campaign.


Netbase and Quid recently merged to form a next-generation social media analytics tool that is powered with artificial intelligence. Recently, the company announced the launch of a first-to-market fully automated theme discovery tool dubbed AI Studio. The social analytics provider has, over time, established itself as one of the best social media management tools by offering insights that are gathered through competitive analysis, social monitoring, identifying influencers, image analysis, and more. According to NetbaseQuid, they understand the need to protect brand health and create unmatched customer experience by understanding what the consumer wants.


Although crowdfunding may not work for unsigned brands, it is a must for indie innovators and creators. Considering that even high-profile projects such as the Veronica Mars Movie may have been crowdfunded, it makes perfect sense to have a tool that engages influencers for this cause. Crowdbooster is a social media analytics tool that packs a punch when it comes to reaching your target audience on social media platforms like Instagram and getting the audience to fund your latest invention. This is of the social media tools that makes your marketing life easier since it goes further than getting your campaign funded. It goes further to manage shipping and assists with the press releases after the funding.


Audience segmentation is your best bet when it comes to engaging your social consumers personally. A big part of social media marketing involves categorizing consumers according to their likes and interests. This can then be followed up with individualized messages that can be appealing to them. This is why a social media tool that can achieve all this is crucial and very beneficial. Audiense is a social media management tool that focuses on consumer interest and narrows down to people who may like your brand products or similar products from your competitors.


You should definitely check out Kickstart if you are struggling to gain real followers on Instagram. Kicksta is a tool that solely focuses on helping Instagram influencers and brands build a bigger follower base by targeting consumers who follow a competitor brand or influencers with similar accounts. This tool works by finding consumers who may be interested in following your account, liking their posts, and assuming it will end up in a follow-back. Yes, this may not be the best idea, but for startups and other smaller brands working with a budget, this tool is essential.


AgoraPulse is a leading social media content tool that enables you to manage and engage in social conversations from multiple social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from a single inbox. By tagging content that you find important to your brand, AgoraPulse allows you to keep tabs on your competitors and keep your content organized. With these social media tools, you can also manage the Ad comments from Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to check if it is compatible with the new API changes on Instagram.

Sprout Social

This is one of the most comprehensive social media management tools designed with social customer service and content quality in mind. Some of the features available on sprout social include productivity measurement, trend analysis, and customized reporting, to mention a few. The main goal behind this tool measures performance after understanding your audience better and engaging them on social platforms.

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